Here at Zeda Labs, we’ve been helping entrepreneurs increase their websites’ conversion rate and revenue for the last 15 years.

We’re on a mission to help independent entrepreneurs skyrocket their online businesses. If you want to know if we’d be a good fit, keep reading 🙂

What type of businesses do we serve?

We work with entrepreneurs and online personalities who meet the following criteria:

Sell digital products

Your main focus is selling digital products, courses, and/or productized services.

A force for good

You're not alienating people with sleazy tactics that spike refunds and damage your brand.

Interested in Growth

You are a dreamer, a believer, and a changemaker. You want to create a legacy.

Independently owned

You have a lifestyle business, not a funded startup with intent to sell for a bazillion dollars.

Solves a real problem

You don’t just have a cool idea, you’re obsessed with solving a crucial problem for your market.

Want to be the best

You want your brand to be authentic, of artisanal quality, and dominate the top spot.

Work remotely

Location doesn’t matter, you’ve made a conscious decision to run your business virtually.

Passionate about serving

You have a vision, a unique solution, and a desire to serve and do right by your customers.