Here's the thing… You started an online business.

If you’re on this page it prolly means you are an entrepreneur or online personality and you sell digital products, a productized service, and/or a membership site.

You’ve hustled your ass off jumping from role to role doing everything yourself.

You’ve probably tried to hire some people to help with mixed results but—let’s be honest—most of the time they didn’t do the job as good as you and took up waaaay too much of your time. If you had the time, you could prolly do 80% of the stuff you’ve hired out yourself.

So then you tried to be more efficient and looked into productivity systems like, “Getting Things Done” or chunking up your time in the day for different hats.

You spend the morning doing support and admin work, then you jump into some business calls, and you end your day with some coding, writing, or research….

And that leaves exactly *zero* time for sales and marketing, brainstorming, or product development. Which, you know, is necessary for that thing called growth.

And when you don’t have the time to put a good foundation in place, you tinker…

…which is a special place I like to call, tactical hell.

Which really isn’t your fault because so much of the information online (even from designers and marketers) focuses on secondary issues like the color of your call-to-action button.

You can do those things until you’re blue in the face, and you just might see a lift in conversions, but the truth is if you don’t have a solid foundation in place, the results remain the same.

You’ve hit a wall and you’re not getting the progress you want.

You didn’t build a lifestyle business so you could work 12 hours a day doing tasks you hate. If you wanted to do tasks you dread everyday you’d go be a corporate drone.

But that’s not you.

When you started this whole journey you were promised fresh coconuts in a hammock on the beaches of Thailand, if that’s what you desired.

Instead, you found yourself lost in the chaos of hustle to level up.

Being an entrepreneur is not really about money. Yes it’s great to have a load of cash to spend on shiny objects and exotic holidays, but when it comes down to it…

Why are you an entrepreneur?

The answer holds both an explanation and a purpose.


You have a moral consciousness that drives you to want to make the lives better for other people. You strive to give a sense of identity to a lost cause and leave a legacy.

It’s a mindset, a lifestyle, and sometimes a curse.

Freedom is always worth more than money, but money is fuel.

It’s fuel for your personal life to build the lifestyle you dream of. It’s fuel for your business to invest in people, products, and growth. It’s fuel for whatever you want to do, create, or experience.

Everything you do or have plans to do requires this fuel.

Society has told us that to succeed we should work really hard, otherwise we’re lazy. I’m a fan of working hard, however I disagree that working long hours is working hard. It’s working long.

An entrepreneur’s time is most effectively spent creating, building relationships and closing deals. Wouldn’t you much rather be doing that on a island with friends and spending most of your time working ON the biz rather than being stuck IN it.

You’d so love that, but sadly it’s not reality right now. You’ve got high expectations of yourself and the people who work for you.

What if I told you, you didn’t have to navigate the digital world on your own.

What if there was this magical place, where there was no more struggling to determine whether you need a designer, a developer, a creative director, a copywriter, a project manager, a marketer, or a coach.

A utopia that has all the resources you need to grow, waiting for you, ready to engage.

No more chasing people around.

No more babysitting.

No more spelling it all out.

A team that would listen to you, ask the right questions, and develop an execution plan to take you to the next level and beyond.

A flexible model with predictable billing that can adapt to fit your evolving needs on a month to month basis. Because we all know how fast things can change.

Helping you grow in a sustainable way so that you can create and maintain the lifestyle business you envisioned when you started off on this journey in the first place.

Completely eliminating the stress of constantly having to deal with issues that have nothing to do with your actual product or customers.

Oh and let’s not forget those two little things called freedom and fuel.

You don’t have to wish anymore. That place is called Zeda Labs.

Introducing the incredible Zedanauts

We are an alliance of creative superheroes, mostly from planet earth, tasked with saving humanity from destruction.

Our secret lab is located in South Pacific Ocean, specifically the deepest area of the Tonga Trench, otherwise known as ‘Horizon Deep.’ From this base of operation, we are dispatched to work with online entrepreneurs all over the world.

We focus on a small, very select group of clients each year who pass an intensive application process to work with us. (And when we say *intensive,* we mean it.)

Our mission is to align with entrepreneurs who are building meaningful businesses.

We lend our creative superpowers so that, together, we design a better tomorrow.

Now that doesn’t necessarily mean a non-profit trying to solve world hunger. The path to a greater tomorrow is secured by elevating many different kinds of businesses.

It could be a personality website selling ebooks to help people to understand themselves better.

It could be tax lawyer who helps entrepreneurs benefit from the same tax breaks big corps do.

It could be a travel website inspiring people to stop hoarding possessions and create experiences instead.

Our requirement is that our client’s businesses must make a positive difference in the community and be something we’re genuinely excited about.

With great creative power comes great responsibility… and a cool story ;)

Being creatives we couldn’t build a lame website with the typical boring case study text. We had to make our results fantastical and entertaining. So to chronicle our results and adventures, we created an ongoing comic book series, ‘The Zedanauts.’

Each mission (project) we take on becomes a new issue of the comic, creating our legacy.

In this comic we are tasked with the challenge of saving earth from destruction by partnering with the right clients for each mission.

We help our clients rise up and reach loftier heights than those destructive corporations and sleazy online hacks. They’re taking shortcuts that end up harming mother nature or participating in unethical practices harming the everyday human.

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with making money, but how you make your money makes all the difference.

We believe that by helping passionate entrepreneurs level up and amplifying their impact, we can change the world and design a better future.

Building an online revenue-generating machine for entrepreneurs is how we use our creative force to save earth from the evil that tries to destroy it.

If we help you grow your business, we help positivity grow and become a force of change.

It’s not just about making someone rich, it’s about empowering a business to achieve greater things. Plus, we also make the world a little less ugly, because let’s be honest, our stuff looks awesome. #humblebrag

Ok, where to next?